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tv   Headline News  RT  November 13, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and throw into a series of brutal civilian killings is scraps so washington refuses to help just find allegations from locals of american involvement in the deaths we hear from a journalist but says he's got evidence pointing to the ugly truth behind us operations in afghanistan. the u.s. prolongs its a decades long sanctions regime against iran despite predictions nuclear negotiations in geneva will break new ground. and britain tough calls its immigration problem by sending out suppression in text messages and bombs with intimidating advertising but its effectiveness is testing the public's patience.
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russia and iran the wall this is all see with me thanks for trying. argument has been left by forward by the mystery surrounding the bodies of ten civilians dug up near a u.s. army outpost close to kabul but there seems little chance those responsible will be found afghanistan has now decided to scrap the probe into the murders after washington refused to cooperate that's despite the victims being identified as a group of locals detained by a u.s. special forces unit operating in the area however military officials in washington also add their troops have no connection to the killings journalist matthew a cadence spent five months investigating the incident and described his experience in the rolling stone magazine in an interview with also use
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a confident he claims the evidence is seen suggests american involvement. the special forces team the green beret a team as they're called was deployed to an isolated valley west of kabul where the taliban and other insurgent groups have a very heavy presence and what happened was over last winter the locals are complaining that the special forces team in their translators were murdering people torturing them abducting them and disappearing them just extraordinary allegations that at the time were essentially unproven after the special forces team was forced out of the area by the afghan government bodies started showing up outside the base bodies that they said were the bodies of ten men who had been seen rounded up by the americans and then were not able to be found either by the red cross or by the afghan government afterward so i essentially investigated these allegations and assembled a huge body of testimony from locals from officials. also learned about two
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confidential u.n. and red cross investigations that corroborated the allegations that suggested that the special forces and their translators were indeed responsible for these men's fate potential war crime allegations that they prove to be correct has there been any accountability for what happened to matthew while the military says that it opened a criminal investigation so they declined to comment for the story save the queen all the speeches ongoing but in the five months that i spent reporting the story a single one of the witnesses that i spoke to had ever been contacted by a u.s. military investigator so it really does beg the question of whether these investigators are actually going to be able to establish any sort of accountability for what happened there well certainly disturbing indeed but this isn't the first time that we've heard of allegations of torture and abuse by western forces in afghanistan and i wonder if you can sort of speak more broadly about this in a wider context well while the allegations and these incidents are kind of
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unprecedented in their severity and scale they do fit part of a larger pattern of recurring abuse. of detainees in u.s. and afghan allied custody as well as a continued lack of any sort of accountability for individuals who were implicated in these kinds of abuses of detainees was a recurring pattern of abuse and a recurring pattern of a lack of accountability and this incident really has to be seen in the context of . the cases answering to thompson's between washington and kabul over the security package that will shape the future role of u.s. troops in the country beyond the main twenty four seen withdrawal gain a chicken explain. afghan authorities have repeatedly asked the u.s. to allow them to question the soldiers at the base but the u.s. repeatedly rebuffed the request u.s. forces are immune from afghan law but not for long the immunity issue is the various stumbling block on the way to an agreement between the u.s.
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and afghanistan under which some u.s. troops would stay in afghanistan past twenty four teen and that's what the obama administration wants immunity for the troops so that they can stay beyond twenty fourteen the same agreement that the u.s. wanted with iraq but iraq refused to grant u.s. forces further immunity from justice incidents like the killing of civilians in the word out province make it that much more difficult for the afghan government to justify such an agreement with the u.s. seen fun of afghan people and still to come later in the program french agriculture is hit hard i report cited as they said highest cause of death among families unable to cope with rising costs and low incomes details such as to head. despite some progress of the nuclear talks with iran in geneva america's relations with tehran remain in a so-called state of emergency the obama administration has renewed its sanctions
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regime first imposed nearly three decades ago after the islamic revolution. nine now reports. u.s. president barack obama says it's necessary for the thirty plus year state of national emergency against iran to continue due to the fact that relations between washington and tehran have not returned to normal ironically the move comes as the international community continues taking significant steps to broker a deal over iran's disputed nuclear program now although last week's marathon ministerial talks in geneva ended without a deal on going to go between iran and western powers have been praised as constructive and comprehensive with discussions scheduled to continue next week now the biggest obstacle to a breakthrough has been america's ally israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been publicly skeptical ed fiercely opposed to easing sanctions against tehran or unless its nuclear program is completely dismantled now u.s.
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lawmakers have promised to wait for a rethinking by secretary of state john kerry this week before deciding whether to impose tough new sanctions on iran but in the meantime pro israel groups have reportedly been branding up lobbying efforts on capitol hill pushing for more measures now some experts speculate that obama's ongoing state of emergency against iran has more to do with appeasing israel reporting from new york. r.t. . my colleague tries a. break and expert on iran and a u.s. foreign policy analyst and she believes there was no will a tool from the u.s. to put an end to the new can a stalemate with iran in a first place. mr obama is sending very clear message to tara that whatever agreement does make with iran has a future it cannot be trusted as it was not tested in the past i don't believe for
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a moment that from the onset there was any desire to reach a deal as it were or that i mean the whole of the it was the actions were just modest piece of the actual x. listen to jay carney here we're going to run a grab from him where he said talks about washington's stance toward tehran the american people. justifiably and understandably prefer a peaceful solution that prevents iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon the american people do not want a march to war what do you think carney was addressing there what side was that statement aimed toward the united states foreign policy has always been about influencing the public opinion the domestic public opinion so that they could push their foreign policy agenda and that this is exactly what it is highly is addressing the american people is not saying this to the right is not in the american political or right. along with israel there's been another diplomatic roadblock in geneva put down by frons the country's foreign minister opposed
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a potential agreement calling the draft deal a fool's game international affairs columnist and the guardian newspaper jonathan steele explained why he thinks paris is getting tough. francis convinced to do ronnie's meddling in a region which was traditionally at least in colonial times under french influence i mean syria and lebanon and they feel they took a very hawkish line against bashar al assad the president of syria when the uprising began two years ago they thought he would be toppled quickly and they feel that it's really thanks to russia diplomatically and iran militarily that assad is still there and they feel very annoyed and angry over that and the second reason i think is quite simply money they see that saudi arabia is also having a row with the united states partly of iran but partly over other issues and i think they feel that they can get their foot in the arms sales door and take over as one of the major suppliers to saudi arabia which of course is
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a hugely lucrative market. and for more analysis on terrance talks with the west be sure to tune in to a piece of else program crosstalk that's ahead next hour here on a c. one john all times she was and i'm spoke directly saying that binyamin netanyahu one directly off of use that if the deal was a bad deal then there will be immediate tell you action by israel on the certain number of. nuclear plants ok michael it sounds like there was that's extortion right there ok there is heavy pressure not just from the israelis but also from the saudis and other gulf countries warning the americans not to go too far the question for iran arises is the united states really committed to the kind of end game that was understood or when they began this round of talks and i think that iran may in fact be wondering whether that is the case i think that's the real
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danger of this nation. the u.k. is attempting to curb its immigration problem with the use of a controversial campaign illegal immigrants are being ushered towards the exit with text messages and vehicles with bold go home advertising that as our city's lower smith reports now the ideas don't appear to be striking a chord with the public. your phone is a text message a friend asking if your free for dinner or your mom just checking your ok but no it's the home office telling you you are illegal in this country and have to leave this is the text got fair enough if he was illegal but he's not and he doesn't even know how they got his details i have been a british citizen for at least thirty years in this country so.
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it's all part of a government campaign to weed out illegals first round threatening. and now they're sending threatening texts although the home office denies sending one to chan it's triggered two hundred complaints but the government defends the program we are taking proactive steps to contact individuals who records show have novelli right to be in the u.k. some of which date back to december two thousand and eight we believe it's right to enforce the immigration rules chan who's an immigration case officer reckons it won't have any effect on genuine illegals they'll just get a new sim card but will intimidate and alienate entirely legitimate community pointing to what's there we're not welcome in this country chinatown in london's west end is where the majority of china's clients work and he says several of them have themselves received messages from the hope that together with
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a series of surprise raids on restaurants by the u.k. border agency makes the u.k. a pretty scary place to be chinese or indeed any kind of ethnic minority at the moment bans texts and raids all add up say activists to an anti immigrant campaign and jeremy corbyn m.p. who represents a launch multicultural constituency says we can expect to see more of it the general election approach. and it's essentially a battle for political ground between the right wing conservatives in the far right you can't but it's a pretty seemly image that we're getting this is electioneering paid for by the taxpayer nose strike rate data is available yet for the forty thousand text messages sent all day the home office reports just eleven illegal immigrants have gone home as a result of it's cheaper than forcibly removing them apparently but at the cost of
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the goodwill of immigrant communities. laura smith. and there's another controversial move by u.k. . to the way. please please please. please please. please. margie dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such
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a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities of russia. really run for jimbo's and people who are sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com. there is obviously more for the latest because it's pink women wanted to avoid rate they really needed to buy guns and. i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear of france when the definitely the target of the gun lobby you don't kill them when you killing money but if somebody would you would just prefer. noticing more and more and that's really scary marketing tactics
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which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on. food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on. were clearly not the safest. again this is welcomed by the tough economic times have ruined many lives and it seems in france they've taken them to a recent report finds an alarming rate of suicide among farmers. traveled to one of the west regions. since two thousand and eight years of milk
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and meat have had to plow on the face of rising production costs and a fall in profits with some farmers taking it much harder than others. fifteen days ago my colleague tried to commit suicide because his bank manager told him he's credited won't be renewed. we work very long hours seven days a week they were simply disconnected from the rest of french society who work hard and keep our heads down but mama look around we ask ourselves what do we actually have. the plight of french farmers as been causing a lot of men frazzle recent reports show that missing two thousand and seven two thousand and nine a total of four hundred eighty five farmers had committed suicide but that's an average of one a suicide every two days making it the third biggest cause of death after cancer and cardiovascular diseases alarm bells are already ringing at the ministry of agriculture but farmers warn the reality is even worse for insurance reasons when
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a farmer kills himself it is said to be an accident because the bank won't pay for his alone if it's a huge side so the figures are wrong one farmer a day commit suicide in strongs when farmers are in debt the bank should not immediately send a debt collectors with someone else in the social system who can assess the situation and help find a solution brittany where isabel is from is the french region with the highest number of suicides the suicide rate among farmers we're talking about those producing milk and meat is thirty percent higher than the general working population of the same age samas have more trouble talking about their problems and we observe the when they decide to take their lives they tend to go through that paradoxically france is the biggest beneficiary of e.u. farm aid nine billion euros a year in the twenty fourteen to twenty twenty period but most of that money doesn't. each small farmers french president francois lot has already pledged to
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shift almost one billion euros towards the livestock farmers and away for the better off crop farmers but the first ration has long boiled over isabel hopes to change comes before another former she knows throws in the towel does or sylvia r.t. brittany the syrian government has asked western powers to provide a host of military vehicles to safely transport chemical weapons out of the country but the plea has reportedly been denied as the us and its allies are unwilling to give damascus any material support western diplomatic sources say their governments refused to help president assad strengthen his position anyway syria has so far been complying with international agreements on chemical designed and is due to relinquish all of its stockpiles by next summer the political analyst abraham aleutian says damascus has one big job ahead the west is trying to make it hard for the syrian regime to our boy by the convention at has faithfully
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agreed to sign and implement having accepted to remove its chemical weapons the syrian regime needs certain the equipment to be able to transfer some of the costs of chemical weapons outside syria and that needs to be done. a protected manner so these weapons would not fall prey. to the arms of the armed gangs in syria the so-called so wm or peaceful opposition. one of the world's top computer security an expose has warned of a looming global cyber war huge and go to spare scale claims a russian nuclear plants could bear tracks from playing computer viruses the details of the story at r.t. dot com. and how much more cash needs to be splashed to
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bring fukushima back in order. so that on line we've got a report saying japan is a step away from boring many billions of dollars or more to clean up all the crippled power plant. right. first street. and i would think that your. worst would. be. let's now take a look at some other international news headlines and brave egypt is lifting a three month state of emergency which gave the military so whipping powers to make a warrantless arrest the measures that were introduced in august are deadly after a deadly crackdown on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsy the military
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bank's government is now preparing a new law to regulate public protests in apparent bid to keep the islamist opposition at. the philippine president house sharply downgraded the expected death toll from last week's devastating typhoon but a new keno says the previous estimate of ten thousand victims should be revised down to no more than two hundred hostiles and the government's currently struggling with relief efforts underway is counting on incoming foreign support to help recover from the disaster. it's might soon become costly for anyone to be annoying while in the u.k. a new antisocial laws are approved getting on somebodies nerves could land you two years in jail or a fine opponents of the bill aimed at improving public order in a rage some who claim its phrasing is too vague and opens itself up to wide
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interpretation among other things it also undermines people's right to protest according to blogger and activist kerri-anne mendoza. attempting to do is give the police the also to make any lawful protest immediately illegal simply because i quote this directly from the legislation may. always likely to cause nuisance or annoyance as you can imagine the whole point of protests is to cause a nuisance an annoyance is to get in the way to disrupt people in their ordinary daily lives so that you can have them focus on an otherwise ignore. issue which is really important what's even more unnerving about this piece of legislation is it also allows the police to their people from what they call a pellet locality hasn't been defined to be a city a kind of country. they really really lays out again with the intervention of
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a court of law. is america's ongoing drone war defeating terrorism or merely resulting in civilian casualties and who is to blame a lot who takes on the issue in today's breaking this. last night georgetown wrote about the exclusive screening of a new drone movie outlining human cost of this covert warfare it wasn't a theater though instead it was on the side of the home and have it by department of homeland security nominee jay johnson yes code pink organize the event in order to bring light to the fact that johnson is one of the main individuals behind the legal justification for these unmanned killer robots and while it's true that many people are responsible for the creation and codification of the drone program one historian argues that the buck stops squarely at the white house his name is lloyd gardner is the author of sixteen different books on u.s. foreign policy is the latest is called the killing machine the american presidency
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in the age of drone warfare so lloyd your book is a strong indictment of obama's presidency in terms of foreign policy what has obama done to exacerbate the war on terror well that's a very complicated question he obviously inherited a very bad situation in iraq remember obama said he wanted to change the mindset he not only wanted to change getting into the war why we got into the iraq war but the mindset that got us into the iraq war and many people assume that meant he was going to change some of the basic american foreign policies the george bush to push the limit certainly did change their minds and now we're completely detached from any sort of warfare or foreign policy that we're perpetrating around the world. there is no other flame on this planet with such a tight traveling to the olympic torch has reached as far as russia specific cars
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stone that's way to sultry for the twenty fourteen winter olympics it's now they can charge the paintings humor which is by the way home to the highest will cain is in the northern hemisphere surely looks at home in that stunning scenery no pictures of the really volcanoes are available on our website at r.t. dot com and of course you can always check out what the flames next stop will be and trying the previous highlights of its journey. up next a special report on the siege of leningrad during the second world war but if you're watching us from the u.k. over to the times the underground. wealthy british saw the sun. rise.
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and markets find. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining two kinds of reports. if you. start to construct. q don't want to. give don't want to be gangstas you don't want to be. they don't want to blow with the time that a kid came be we can see. you just me because i was and i was in the hood. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die
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young young. zachary what happened that day i don't know but i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for . for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results you get innocent people to trust the police officers don't beat people anymore and it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could do what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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my dear dear diary i am so happy. this is been the best summer of my life. i am a student now and i'm going to the village with mom we will have strawberries and see on the terrorists i'm taking my favorite guitar. wouldn't you defo summers what a wonderful life is waiting for me. you bet oh it's still the chinese friends made me a guitar tell them the theme is that is so i started playing the seven string guitar or i played it quite well he played it well to some level that i started when i was about ten years old to a small but at. least some in the park it was a sunny day she was too shy to approach.


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